How to Determine if Airbnb is a VIABLE Option

Here's a quick way to check and see if Airbnb is a viable option in your city:

Now that we have an idea of how Airbnb might work in your city, let's take a closer look at the profitability!

I recently did a quick "Staycation" at the cutest Airbnb! I had an amazing stay. And while I was happy to pay the nightly rate for such a great getaway...I couldn't help but do the math and figure out exactly how much the owner of the property might be making.

SPOILER ALERT: It's mind blowing.

Let's look at the numbers:

The rate I paid was $260/night (which doesn't include taxes and fees)

By the looks of their Airbnb availability calendar...they had all but three days booked in the entire month of April.

27 nights booked in April x $260 per night = $7,020 per month

Seven Thousand Dollars {{ subscriber.first_name }}.

And that's just revenue for ONE month!

Of course there are expenses associated with running an airbnb- cleaning fees, supplies, utilities furnishings, maintenance, etc. But even with the expenses included...the profits are 4Xs higher than what they would have gotten renting to a long term tenant.

Oh yes- I did the research and ran allll the numbers! For that same house, if they rented to a long term tenant, the going rate would be $2,400 per month (I used to figure that out). That is a HUGE difference.

Wanna see how much you could make hosting on Airbnb? Airbnb has a really cool calculator that gives you a monthly estimate. to find out what your estimated monthly income would be and write that number down, you'll need it later.

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